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Thread: Angela Buchman, hot?

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    Default Angela Buchman, hot?

    Am I just weird or is Angela Buchman, the weather girl on Ch. 8, hot?

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    she's hot. so is julia moffett on ch 13. i saw her in person and she didn't disappoint
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    I cannot confirm said hotness without pics.

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    shes allright, some of her pics arnt all that stellar.

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    She needs to be more nekkid, that doesn't show anything. :P

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    i would work julia moffett...

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    negitive to julia

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    Angela Buchman is totally hot... she eats in the Palomino all the time. She came in with her mom not that long ago... her mom is totally hot too... especially for her age.

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    Default Re: Angela Buchman, hot?

    The old sports girl for channel 8 was hottttt as hell too.....Nicole Manske....she went to SpeedTV now. Stephanie Soviar (traffic girl) on Channel 6 in the mornings is smoking too....she has nice boobs :flash:
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    Stephanie Soviar is totally effing hot. she's dating that rich bastard car racer Simons lucky bastard race car drivers

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    I went to school with Stephanie Soviar.


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    yeah, we were talking about this topic here at work and have agreed, we should ALL boycott Ch.8 until angela buchman agrees to do the weather in the nude... I think this is a great idea.

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    Default Re: Angela Buchman, hot?

    I can't stand media personality, that fake-ass repor turns me off no matter who it is. :2flip: FUCK NEWS PERSONALITIES.

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    Although she no longers works for fox 59, you would have to put Catt Sadler on there as hot.

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